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Pacothane Technologies is pleased to announce a new relationship with ECAP - Now the exclusive distributor for Pacothane Proucts in China and Taiwan. We are excited to enter into this relationship with a great distributor to supply our world class product line. For questions, please contact Ch Lau at

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THERMOPADS™ are designed to be integrated into the lamination systems of High Speed Circuits in particular HDI Flexible Circuits that require functional performance under high temperatures and still offer a degree of Macro Z-Axis pressure distribution (conformability), that is not available from make shift alternatives or the typical harder base polymers offered in typical high temperature press pads. Designed to be used with THERMOFILM™, it offers a consistent performance under the harsh conditions of High Temperatures above 280°C.

THERMOPADS™ High Temperature Press Pads are offered in one thickness of .044" (1.117mm). They are unique in that the core composition is made up of proprietary fibers to offer a multifaceted functionality in diverse high temperature lamination applications. High Temperature press pads typically are hard and easily become brittle and offer little z-axis benefit. THERMOPADS™ are pliable, yet durable and will leave surface areas free of any contaminates.


THERMOPADS™ can be used in any high temperature lamination that requires the use of Exotic high Tg substrates. Whether you are using DuPont's Tk or your requirement is an LCP build, Thermopad with THERMOFILM™ offers the best conformable package with its robust attributes eliminating the uncertainty and negative impact of generic alternatives.


  • Operating Temperatures up to 600°F (316°C) for extended press cycles
  • Thickness is .044" (1.117mm)
  • Predictable Control of Heat Rise excellent Thermal Conductivity due to Select uniform fiber distribution and controlled thickness and weight specifications of the Press Pad Design
  • Uniform pressure thoughout the pressure load
  • Maintains flexibility and minimal brittleness when used with THERMOFILM™ to increase 3-Dimensional Conformance minimizing X-Y-Z axis stress on circuits
  • The smooth surface of both THERMOFILM™ and THERMOPADS™ allows superior conformable properties against the differential surface of the circuit under high temperature conditions


Recommended Lamination Layup for THERMOPADS™


THERMOPADS™ is available in custom-made sheet sizes, tooled to customer specifications. The complete line of Pacothane Technologies products are available from leading local Distributors Worldwide who offer "Just in Time" delivery from locally-available stocks.


Click here for this product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

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