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Pacothane Plus
High Performance Conformable Release Film
For the Lamination of Flexible Circuits

Pacothane Plus is a conformable Release Sheet that is specifically engineered for use as a component of the Pacothane Plus System for the production of flexible Printed Circuits (base stock, coverlay, and rigid-flex). Pacothane Plus brings standardization and predictability to the flex laminating process and offers tangible process advantages.


  • Tight Coverlay Conformity
    PACOTHANE PLUS delivers discreet, micro-applied, hydraulic force necessary to drive laminate Components into tight conformity. It mirrors the part topography to eliminate air entrapment under the Coverlay, between Circuits, and assures excellent circuit side-wall Adhesion.
  • Reduces Mechanical Distortion
    PACOTHANE PLUS "locks in" around the laminate components to minimize distortion due to Heat and Pressure. In conjunction with PACOPADS (see PACOPADS Product Information Bulletin), the PACOPLUS System conforms in the Z axis only, eliminating the X-Y axis distortion associated with commodity conformals.
  • Control of Adhesive Flow
    PACOTHANE PLUS effectively dams back acrylic or epoxy adhesive flow into pre-drilled or punched openings, as well as at rigid-flex interfaces.
  • Quick Easy Release
    Both sides of PACOTHANE PLUS provide quick, easy, and clean release from all surfaces.
  • Reduced Lamination Pressure
    The PACOPLUS System, consisting of PACOTHANE PLUS Conformable Release Sheet and PACOPADS Pressure Diffuser Press Pads, discreetly conforms in the Z axis while equally distributing pressure across the panel surface. Due to the superior, macropressure-equalizing characteristics of PACOPADS, the same amount of hydraulic force is delivered with a lower nominal Ram Pressure.

    See PACOTHANE TECHNOLOGIES Lay-up Product Information.
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  • Two-side Releasable.
  • Extremely low X-Y axis movement.
  • Smooth Surface Finish with superior Conformal Properties.
  • Operating temperature to 400°F / 204°C at lower Ram Pressures.
  • Eliminates Fiber Pattern Transfer to cover layers.
  • Clean, inert with no out-gassing of contaminants or solvents
    harmful to Vacuum Systems.
  • Environmentally friendly with no ozone-depleting Chemicals
    or Flourines. Suitable for incineration or landfill.
  • Proven worldwide performance since 1986.
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PACOTHANE PLUS and PACOPADS are always available in custom-sized
sheets tooled to customer specifications.

These products, as well as the complete line of Lamination Enhancement Products, is available from leading local distributors around the world, who offer "just-in-time" delivery from locally available stocks.

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Click here to view a printable version of the PACOTHANE PLUS Safety Data Sheet.

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