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Pacothane LE2000
High Performance Release Film
For Lamination of Rigid Multilayer, Flexible Circuits and Unclad Laminates

PACOTHANE LE2000 – is identical to LE1500 but better suited for automated large panel sheet processing formats and those applications where easier handling is desired with a heavier gauge of film.


  • Easy, contaminant-free release from resins and separator plates.
  • Proven worldwide performance and acceptance since 1984.
  • Operating temperatures up to 400°F / 204°C for up to 2 hours.
  • 50% thicker than other release films for easier handling.
  • Smooth surface finish, with superior conformal properties.
  • Free of embedded impurities.
  • Extremely low X-Y axis shrinkage and reduced static potential.
  • Essentially inert: no out-gassing, no plate residue, no interlaminar adhesion influence, no vacuum system contamination.
  • Environmentally friendly: no Ozone Depleting Chemicals, no Flourines.
  • Available in custom-sized tooled sheets and rolls shipped ÏJust-in-TimeÓ from exclusive local Distributors around the world.
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  • This film is the preferred choice applications where a low extraction residue free laminate surface is desired. Unclad laminates, Kapton and Stiffener builds are good examples where LE will provide optimum results. The .002”film gauge provides easier handling for special applications and is well suited for larger sheet formats and automated handling.
  • Rigid Multilayer Panels: To contain resin squeeze-out; to buffer and protect copper from damaged plates; to minimize stress effect from aluminum plates; to reduce frequency of plate cleaning; to increase plate life; to prevent press pads from sticking to plates or bonding to tooling pins.
    (See lay-up recommendation)
  • Flex, Rigid-flex Panels: To contain adhesive squeeze-out; for complete conformity to part topography; to provide easy separation of conformal hydraulics and driver pads from PCB surfaces.
    (See lay-up recommendation)
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PACOTHANE LE2000 release film is offered in one thickness .002’/51µ

All Pacothane release films are manufactured in accordance to our quality standards which guarantees unparalleled performance consistency. All manufacturing and fabrication operations are performed in house offering total supplier control and accountability.

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PACOTHANE Release Film is available in rolls and in custom-made sheet sizes, tooled to customers® specifications.

PACOTHANE, as well as our complete line of lamination enhancement products, is available from leading local Distributors around the world, who offer ÏJust-in-TimeÓ delivery from locally-available stocks.

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Click here to view a printable version of the PACOTHANE Safety Data Sheet.

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